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Building Client Server Systems

Our Consultants are experienced in using client/server technology and take full advantage of n-tier architecture by constructing systems in layers including the front-end, back-end and middle tiers.

Extensive front-end experience includes development in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ajax,HTTP, Networking (latency, routing, distributed storage and processing, security), XML, SOAP/WSDL. Although Platform agnostic we possess strong middle-tier expertise in the MVC and Microsoft .Net framework. We cover the gamut of development expertise inclusing J2E, Cold Fusion, PHP. Data transfer between Tiers is part of the architecure. Protocols involved may include one or more of SNMP, JAVA RMI, .Net Remoting, Windows Communication Foundation, sockets, UDP Web Services. You can depend on our Consultantsí expertise and professionalism to implement a client/server system that is powerful enough to meet your business requirements of today, and scaleable and flexible enough to meet your business requirements of tomorrow.

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