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Our Customers


Database Design and Development

We provide a host of database services spanning many technologies and platforms

Data Modeling

Data Modeling is the first critical step to the successful creation of any database. Our Data Modelers will interview your functional area experts, analyze your business rules and create an Entity-Relationship Diagram that documents your data. As part of this process, the data is normalized to ensure its consistency and to prevent duplication. Our data modelers are experienced in state-of-the-art modeling tools.

Database Administration

Our Database Administrators (DBAs) know the nuts and bolts of every database they manage. Our DBAs have experience with server-based databases (Oracle,SQL Server), mainframes (IBMís DB2). Our DBAs work to tune your database to ensure optimum performance, train others on database management and help you plan for the unpredictable by recommending and implementing data archival, backup, and recovery strategies. They also establish procedures and policies concerning the security, management and maintenance of your organizationís database management system.

Database Application Development

Our DBAs can help turn your snail of an application into a greyhound and make incoming data more reliable. By optimizing inline SQL statements, creating new indexes, stored procedures and triggers, our experts will improve the performance of your applications.

Database Implementation and Conversion

Whether youíre starting from scratch, or implementing a new database system, our experts will help you choose a database system compatible with your business needs by utilizing data benchmarks. Our DBAs also have the experience to leverage your existing legacy systems by using the latest in data conversion procedures.

Data Warehousing / Data Mining

In addition to designing and maintaining databases, our DBAs can help you build a data warehouse and data mart that will allow you to mine your data and discover new trends that can be used as input to key business decisions.

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