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Our Customers


Information Technology Services

For over 15 years we have provided IT Consulting Services to a number of Fortune 1000, Government and Middle Market Clients.

Since our product is the talents and services of our Consultants, the most critical component of our business strategy is to attract,
develop and retain highly qualified Consultants.We believe that knowledge is at the core of solving the most pressing problems and
is the principal source of success and advantage. Embodied as intellectual capital and applied by talented professionals, knowledge is
a consulting firm's core asset.

We focus on finding "Complete Consultants" - individuals who possess excellent technical skills as well as people and team-oriented
skills. This profile enables Vikmere to achieve its "Best Value" mission with its Clients.

Our IT service offerings include the following:

  • Cloud Consulting, Virtualization and Migration
  • Systems Consulting
  • Project Outsourcing
  • Application Development & Integration
  • Infrastructure Consulting

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